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When there is a vacancy in a company there are two options: open a selection process to find a professional who fits in the required profile, or to promote to a current employee. In this regard, thinking in the second option might be the most advisable. However, it is true that not all ‘good workers’ have leader skills, issue to take into account when carrying out a process of internal promotion.

What should you evaluate when promoting a professional? To help answering this mystery, here are some tips you should bear in mind if you are in this situation:

1. Take in account his/her skills

When promoting an employee, you should consider different essential skills to deal with everything that requires the new job: to be clear, decisive, proactive, productive and have great communicative skills and influence, among others.

2. How is his/her relationship with other employees?

To maintain good, friendly and honest relationship with the rest of the team and motivate them every day is crucial for any project to go ahead, and necessary to achieve business goals.

3. Leadership capacity

It is essential that the employee that will be promoted has leader skills, as it is the key to lead a team, achieve the assigned goals and to know how to manage crisis situations.

4. Commitment

The candidate should have service vocation and commitment both with the team and with the project, because only in this way he/she will be able to achieve the expected results.

Once the promotion takes place, the employee will begin an adaptation process in which the company shall provide he/she with tools and training but, above all, with the necessary confidence so that he/she may carry out his/her new duties in the most optimal way.

“Always treat your employees exactly as you want them to treat your best customers.”

Stephen Covey


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