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Summer is here and with it most part of employeestake advantage of the good weather to request their holidays. In this sense, many companies stay in schock to think  that the pace and productivity will be affected in the absence of the employers during these months.

To prevent it from happening, as the leader of the Company, you must be more preventive and establish a  clear plan that defines how to face the days with less staff and how to distribute the differents tasks.

Forecasting is a key function to prevent that the pace and productivity of your Company will not be affected in the absence of the employers on holidays

Don´t miss next business tip that we prpose you, from Lexington Business Center, to make  summer months more easy to carry and to avoid the typical complications because of the lack of employees.

1. On-line tools to manager holidays

First of all, you should work with an efficient on-line tool that allows to the employees, request and comunícate their free days. This way, all the company will know the absence of everyone. These are some of the specialised platforms for holiday planning: Woffu or Endalia.

To optimize management another option is the absence manager of Bizneo HR, which includes time tracking and shift management.  It allows both self-management for more flexible companies and specific vacation policies for the most restrictive ones. In addition, it has a quadrant view to avoid overlapping and incorporates an app version to facilitate teleworking.

2. Plan your Human Resources

Set a plan with the help of Human Resources Department, that ensures that the productivity of the Company wont be affected in the absence of some of the employers and that the priority tasks will stay as advance as posible. You should consider too, the possibility of hiring a freelance or employee with previously experience in the job to cover these “off working”  days. In this point is very importat to set priorities to push the projects ahead.

3. Tools to prpgram tasks

In some professions, tasks like posting in social networking or sending emails, between others, can be programmed. This is an agil way to keep up-to-date your communication channels and the direct relationship with your followers.

4. Learn to delegate

Select the employee that you think will be able to take on certain responsabilities that only were made just by you, involve him and give more liberty to take decisions. If you want to optimize the using of your tme, delegate work is essential.

Working without a plan when your employes are on hollydays, will inpact in the productivity of the Company

Remenber that working without a plan when your employes are on hollydays may negatively affect to those whom stay working, increasing their working hours. This may have a negative impact in th quality and the productivity of the company. That´s why  establishing these preventive mechanisms, will help you to have under control youy business in the absence of some employers.

“Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships”

Michael Jordan


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