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Undoubtedly, Spain is a world reference destination in terms of tourism and gastronomy, but, in addition, in recent years it has become one of the epicenters of training in the field of business. And, did you know that we can find the best business schools in Spain? According to the Financial Times ranking of the best business schools in Europe 2022, we have 3 of the most prestigious centers: IESE in Navarra; ESADE in Barcelona and IE in Madrid. These schools offer quality training to professionals with a management profile, with the soul of a leader and passionate about the business world.

“According to the Ranking of Financial Time, the most prestigious British business and economy newspaper, Spain has 3 of the 50 most influential business schools in Europe”

The Ranking is based on these variables: the results obtained in the surveys conducted at the business schools themselves; the diversity of teachers; the analysis of recent graduates and their professional trajectory, as well as the evolution of their initial salary (once they are incorporated into the labor market until the current one).

Business schools in Spain: the advantages offered by training to your company

As explained in the post about the importance of training in emerging companies, being in continuous learning is essential to position yourself as a competitive organization. Do not forget that the role of the CEO in a company is key to the proper functioning of it. To do this, you must demonstrate your knowledge of leadership and adopt a strategic vision.

Nowadays, business schools are an unbeatable opportunity for this purpose, since they impart a brilliant business education and maximize management skills. If you still have not cheered up, we show you some of the advantages you will get by betting on this type of training:

  • It is an education valued worldwide.
  • It will allow you to access new international markets.
  • It will Increase your client portfolio
  • You will interact with other professionals in the same industry.
  • Encourage the internationalization of your company.
  • You will project a professional image.

“The Business Schools offer an effective business education for professionals with high positions, with the aim of forming great managers and helping them to be more competitive”

Ranking of business schools in Spain

Once you know all the benefits, you must be almost convinced of wanting to expand your training, so we reveal the Ranking of the best centers in Spain for you to take the final step.

IE (It is in the 3rd position of the European ranking)

This Business School is located in Madrid and it is the most popular by Spanish graduates who want to excel in the business world. It is philosophy is based on forming leaders with an entrepreneurial character, as well as promoting values such as innovation and diversity as a guarantee of learning. 309/5000

IESE  (It is in the 7th position of the European ranking)

El Instituto de Estudios Superiores de la Empresa (IESE) is considered the second best business school in Spain. It is located at the University of Navarra and stands out for adopting a more human vision of the company through the program “custom programs”, aimed at executives who seek to obtain a greater capacity for analysis and resolution in the face of possible company problems.

ESADE (It is in the 8th position of the European ranking)

In third place, la Escuela Superior de Administración y Dirección de Empresas (ESADE), located at the Ramón Llull University, offers the possibility of studying University Degrees, MBAs and Doctorate. This Business School bases its program on innovation and on the modernization of the economy to promote an open vision of the company’s management, as well as promoting social responsibility as a key to leadership.

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

Nelson Mandela



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