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María Elipe

Whether you are a small company just kicking off, an international corporate landing in Spain or a young team already working hybrid whose conventional office is no longer compatible with your lifestyle… you finding our magazine means that you may be looking for a new office space. Oh, and you may be a little lost on where to start, perhaps? Well, worry no more! We are sharing today 5 tips you did not know you needed to make the right decision.

Benefits of renting an office space

First and foremost, are you sure renting an office space is the right path to follow? If the answer is no clear enough, let us… YES, it is a big fat yes. Being able to gather all your team together to work or to host a meeting is essential. And, no matter how much time you spend at the office or working from home (we know dynamics have changed after the pandemic), not having a physical space to work at can affect pretty negatively to your team’s motivation, feeling of belonging and the company’s culture.

However, and even though teams are currently relocated and working under a 3+2 formula, having an accessible, customised and branded workspace to cover both the company and the workforce’s needs will, not only make you stronger to fight these not-so-little inconveniences derived from the new paradigm, but also boost quality and wellbeing.  

Among the perks of collaborative environments in the workplace, we can find mental healthcare, since they help employees separate spaces; better productivity due to them being able to choose when and where to work depending on the task or their goal, and, as we mentioned above, stronger commitment to the company. Employers often suffer from their teams’ disconnection or lack of professional bonds among them… which can only lead to carelessness and, ultimately, to the well-known quiet quitting.

Things you must know to rent an office space

This is matter you should invest more than a couple minutes on, because the perfect office space is no longer only big enough to fit everyone, and your workstation does not end once you get up from your chair… the workplace is an experience, and one size does not fit all!

So, how do I know any office is the perfect one?

The best location

It goes without saying that your office’s location and its connexions are key to make the right decision when looking for an office.

A piece of advice: always choose an area with the power to boost your brand image and awareness, while making it easier for employees and potential clients at the same time to get to you.

With flexible workspaces, this specific task will never be a problem anymore! There is always available space in Paseo de la Castellana, Chamartín, La Moraleja or Avenida Diagonal in Barcelona. Now, it is possible to find an office in Azca, Cuzco or in the Trade buildings without excessive pricing, long-term commitments or even longer wating lists. Complex bureaucracy and branding and reconditioning works are only an example of usual processes that can slow down your project.

Market research

Blind dates are not highly praised when it comes to office-picking! The proper process must include an economic comparative, location study, amenities and extra services, besides contrasting all that info with your team so together you can find the perfect space for everyone. There is a lot going on that has to be considered!

What would happen if the office space you found is big enough but has no meeting points? Or maybe it is not as large as you expected but it has the capacity to accommodate everyone through team rotation? The best thing is to put a decisive team together to ensure different points of view.

Listen to your team and their needs

We know you dream of everybody at the office at once, 8h every other day of the week, right? Reality is noy so rigid anymore, so actively listening to your team (for their office preferences and for everything, really) is mandatory. Do you have more meetings now the team is bigger? The feeling of belonging is dissolving, little by little?

Draw a priorities list and how to address each of them, meaning an action plan. Your office search will be on track from the very beginning.

Invest in branding

Ideally, your office space has to inspire you, to make bonds stronger and to create a team of true ambassadors. Obviously, a big part of that job lies on other departments that are not workplace-related, but your workspace must accompany those initiatives, and not bring them down!

Some may think putting up a vinyl, branded goodies or tailor-made furniture are insignificant details, but it all can make the difference.

Go for flex when choosing a new office space

Clearly, in order to check all those boxes above, flexibility (in both the space and the contract terms) is key. That’s the reason why the office of the future is 100% flexible. That’s why your company needs flexible workspaces.

Turnkey workspaces as Lexington’s, ready in 24h and like a white canvas for your brand to take the whole space, in the best locations in Madrid and Barcelona and with the only goal of  providing you with the best service so your team can focus on what’s truly important, leaving us the task of finding the sustainable coffee supplier, great Internet connection or a new office space everything the team grows 🚀.

Flexible office space in Lexington

Flexible office spaces are, by far, the best option for your new office space rental. And, guess what? In Lexington, we are professionals on the matter.

Personalised offices with meeting rooms, kitchen areas or private working hubs, as well as shared spaces and resources, branding, team wellness activities…

Of course, our workspaces are already located in the best areas of the city, those that were top of your lists, like Paseo de la Castellana 79, Castellana 141, Príncipe de Vergara or La Moraleja in norther Madrid. In Barcelona, we stay at the very city artery, Avenida Diagonal, in the Trade budlings and L’illa.

We could write endless articles on tips to rent your first office space, featuring different topics each time… but one. One of them will always remain, and that one is «go for flexible».

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“Teamwork is the secret that make common people achieve uncommon result.”

― Ifeanyi Enoch Onuoha



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