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You can learn a lot from a movie! Therefore, on this occasion, we bring you the 5 most remarkable phrases of the cinema that you can apply perfectly to your business, there they go!

Films contain ‘hidden’ truths that you can apply within your role as a business leader or entrepreneur

Every entrepreneur should record this phrase taken from one of the most outstanding films in the history of cinema: Star Wars. And we would always have to focus our efforts on working with clear objectives, without limiting ourselves to “trying” to act, because if we adopt this behavior, we are allowing the fear of failure to govern our actions.

  • ? “If you want to be understood, listen”: Babel (2006)

We have spoken on several occasions of the importance of practicing active listening in the business world, and that is because none born knowing everything. One must listen and most importantly: know how to do it. This will allow you to know the opinions of other employees and have different perspectives to reach your goals.

  • ? “Try to think as the people around you think…and on that basis, anything is possible“: The Godfather (1972)

Putting yourself in the shoes of others is something that always works and in the business world too. So, think about how the rest of employees, clients, suppliers, partners do it … in this way you will know how to guide, carry out and redirect any situation. Go ahead, you can!

  • ? “- What would you say if a man showed up in this interview without a shirt and we gave him the job? – Well, his pants must have been great “: In search of happiness (2006)

Not everything is the same color, not everything is governed by the same guidelines, but it is necessary to show more what one is or what a brand wants to transmit. You have to: dare to make a difference, take care of every little detail and work to be unique and irreplaceable.

  • ? “Successful people are 100% convinced that they are masters of their own destiny, they are not creatures of the circumstance, they create the circumstances. If the circumstances around them stink, they change them”: The Wolf of Wall Street (2013)

That’s right, if opportunities do not touch your door, go out and look for them yourself: because, in order to achieve success, a good entrepreneur must work to continually identify advantages and improvements for his business and persecute with perseverance and effort his objectives.


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