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Nuestra mayor aspiración es poder ayudarte y ofrecerte el espacio que más se adecue a tus necesidades.

This battle we have been fighting these past few months against COVID-19 has brought certain difficulties to our lives. Most companies have seen their business models suddenly turning into something completely different, having safety measures as their main protagonist. They have seen how new ways of working after COVID-19 have come to stay.

Here in Lexington, we have also experienced this transformation and, to deal with it as best as possible, we have decided to put all our efforts on the word that best defines our workspaces: flexibility. How? By reshaping our services so they can fulfil the current requests and making minimising the risk easier. The safety measures we have added to our usual ways have been key to this change: a thorough contrasted protocol with the ability to provide confidence to our customers, to those who may come in the next few months and to those who are now joining our team.

“Guarantee Madrid” quality recognition

#SafeReturnToLexington is a safety and hygiene protocol we have developed and implemented among all our business centres in Madrid and Barcelona. Each one of our prime locations has been reinforced on every level in order to achieve our main goal: the best guarantees on healthy and safe workspaces.

We are proud to announce that, as a result of our efforts, we have been recognized with the Identification Guarantee Madrid. This is a key marker only given to those companies that have truly shown their commitment with prevention and minimisation of risks brought by COVID-19.

The Guarantee Madrid Identification is a commitment certificate for businesses, companies, industries, freelancers and third sector institutions, promoted by the Madrid Foundation for Competitivity with the prevention and minimisation of risks brought by COVID-19.

Besides all this, we have also received these three identifications.

Enforcement measures recognition:

It represents the proper fulfilment of the required standards.

Extraordinary measures recognition:

It represents those business, companies or professionals who have gone beyond the standard implementing regulations, thus demonstrating a stronger commitment with maintaining safety and assuring their employees and customers good health.

Solidarity action recognition:

It represents those business, companies or professionals who have developed a unique solidarity action of support against COVID-19, worthy of respect, consideration and appreciation.

Measures such as putting extra effort on the cleaning activities daily performed, assuring social distancing through strict protocols and constant and transparent information on every decision taken by the company are key points for this quality and guarantee certificate.

Safe Spaces™ program membership

Besides the “Guarantee Madrid” recognition, Lexington is also part of the Safe Spaces™ program. An initiative promoted by Upflex and aiming to help both companies and their employees transforming their workspaces into safe and healthy environments.

Hygiene and safety measures implemented by Lexington have made our spaces a part of the categorization and, thus, taken into consideration by the Safe Spaces™ organization as safe workspaces.

These recognitions help us carry on with our job as excited as we can be, creating new initiatives to promote the idea of flexible workspaces where the safety and well-being of our users are our main protagonists.

“No one succeeds without effort… Those who succeed owe their success to perseverance.”

― Ramana Maharshi



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