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Coworking and its advantages evolve at the same time as business trends do and, as a result, a new labor reality known as coliving is born. This projection of collaborative work, directly related to the real estate sector, is based on sharing not only a work space but also a place to live. With this, professionals can continue sharing experiences, ideas and proposals at the end of the workday, while enjoying leisure time. Do you want to know more about coliving or common coliving? Keep reading!

What is coliving?

First, we shared a workplace with people who had nothing to do with our profession, now the revolution comes with coliving, a life system already established in the United States or the United Kingdom and which begins to emerge in Spain. This was born in Silicon Valley, cradle of collaborative work, since by multiplying the number of entrepreneurs who arrived and, with it, the number of buildings, the common areas became the key place to socialize. As a result, professionals shared the same way of life and the coliving began its journey.

Coliving was born in Silicon Valley to respond to young entrepreneurs who shared common areas in homes

Thus, this trend is based on creativity and dynamism. People who share a home also develop projects in common and give feedback to each other, seeking efficiency and business success. Although everyone has their privacy, the fact of sharing housing and workplace makes creative ideas fluctuate at any time and with total naturalness. And we must not forget that the important thing about inspiration is that arrives when you are working.

The fact of sharing housing and workplace makes creative ideas fluctuate at any time and with total naturalness

Coliving or common living provides employees with the necessary facilities to design and materialize all projects. For this reason, those who bet on this way of life share contacts and tools to optimize business ideas.

Common areas to boost common living

Coliving spaces have common areas where leisure is the common denominator. Cinema room, games space, library or dining areas are the spaces that are not missing in any common living building. Thus, at the end of the working day, professionals share their free time and can continue developing their projects, getting to know each other better and finding common points of view. It should be mentioned that the common living works like a hotbed of ideas in which, in a short time, the projects take off and become a reality because human and economic resources are optimized. In short, with coliving everything is created so that experiences become the engine of projects.

Lexington, at the forefront of workspaces

From Lexington, we join the evolution of workspaces. Therefore, the new 8th floor of our Castellana-Azca workspace; the recent renovation of our business center in La Moraleja; or the next inauguration of a new space in Principe de Vergara street in Madrid are clear examples of our commitment to keep up to date with everything related to teamwork. And our open and flexible spaces, combined with more private and confidential areas, are our best hallmark. In order to meet the needs of the most demanding customers, at Lexington, we are already aware of what the 2020 trends will hold for us. Trust us!

“None of us is as smart as all of us.”

Ken Blanchard


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