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Part-time in the morning or in the afternoon, full time…. There are different kinds of working times but when summer arrives, many companies choose to modify them and work intensively for 8 hours. For the employees, it is a release because they have much more free time to spend with their families or doing activities that are pushed into the background during the rest of the year. These intensive working days are also good for the company because they bring an increase in productivity. So, if you are a business man, it would be interesting to know what are the advantages of intensive working days to implement them in your company.

1- Intensive working days… increase motivation

Working 8  hours at a time is a motivation for every employee, he is happier and he carries out his tasks in a more efficient way as he has to ongranise himself properly in order to complying with what is established.

2- Intensive working days… improve performance

Some studies show that these kind of intensive working times make the employees feel better and their performance is improved. The employee knows he has a period in which all the tasks must be done so there is an optimization of the work as a result. The fact of having less hours makes the employee take advantage of the time he has.

3- Intensive working days… reduce stress

Intensive working time in Summer makes the employee focus 100% on his tasks. Knowing he has more free time than the rest of the year helps to reduce work stress. Besides, the activity is generally more reduced in summer, so as the pace of work decreases, an intensive working time is appreciated so that the employee does not feel as if he is wasting his time at the office.

Intensive working time in Summer makes the employee focus 100% on this tasks

4- Intensive working days… reduce absenteeism

 As the employee has plenty of time after finishing his working day, he does not need to ask for time off for his personal matters or to go to the doctor, among others. So, working intensively enables the reconciliation of work and family life.

5- Intensive working days… improve the image of the company

As a result of an intensive working day, the company reflects an image of compromise with their employees. At the same time, it shows that their well-being is a top priority for the company.

So if you run a company you should already know that intensive working days in summer generate profits that may be key to reach good results. Do not forget that employees are more loyal and feel more identified with a job that respects their lives out of the office. Analyze what is better for you and place yourself in the position of your team. Only in this way can you understand what they value.


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