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After a long year of work, it’s time to disconnect and already many have packed their bags to enjoy quiet and relaxing days full of adventures and anecdotes. But do we know completely disconnect from work during the summer?

Disconnect from the company during a period of time is essential to remove accumulated stress, return with a fresh perspective, an open mind and enough energy to tackle new projects. Otherwise if you do not  get it, you can increase the sense of oppression, lack of motivation and frustration that, consequently, end up affecting your life both professionally and personally.

Being able to disconnect from work in summer is essential to remove accumulated stress and return with batteries charged

In this sense, according to a survey by job portal Randstad, 85% of Spaniards disconnect  from work during the summer, however, there is still a 15% do not know how to disconnect completely and, consequently, it costs them more to return to their daily lives.

So if you are someone who has not yet put the swimsuit in the suitcase, follow these recommendations we suggest from Lexington to enjoy your vacation to the fullest:

1. Report your absence

Workmates and regular customers should be informed of your absence because, if they don´t know, they may try to reach you by some unexpected event and disturb your relaxing and stress-free days. How to do it? Just let scheduled an automatic reply for emails you receive and send, a few days before your absence, an email notifying all of them on what dates you ‘ll be out of the office.

2. Leave the tasks done and planned

Before you stop using the alarm clock or the car to go to the office to continue your routine, keep in mind that planning is key to go calm and fully enjoy the holiday. So, try to manage your company before you leave, be efficient and leave everything on track for your absence.

3. Change the computer for a book

Give your tablet, computer and mobile a break, they also deserve a vacation, don´t you think? Replace them with a good book to get you into the plot and get you free from the thoughts and concerns related to your work.

4. Enjoy the moment

Sleep without waking up at a specific hour, have a breakfast longer than seven minutes, enjoy home-made meals and do not take the car or subway and just … walk. Live each of these moments and do not worry about anything else but enjoy.

“The art of relaxation is part of the art of  work.”John Steinbeck


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