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We are already in the final stretch of the year! It’s the moment of annual balance in companies and value results. And as always, during this time, from Lexington we present the list of the 10 best Spanish Startups of this 2018, are you ready?

The Best Spanish Startups of the moment

These Spanish Startups are brilliant ideas that have gone from being simple proposals to become solid business projects that employ more and more people and that have important rounds of financing, get to know them!


This biotechnological company from Valladolid was the winner of the last edition of the South Summit 2018. Its main work is the development of non-invasive diagnostic tests that make possible the early detection of different types of cancers.


This Startup allows individuals and companies to send or collect any product in the main Spanish cities. Every day more users are using this application that has successfully closed several rounds of financing during 2018.


Citibox has turned the traditional mailbox into a smart mailbox, helping to receive online purchases without the need to be at home. With the rise of online sales, this Startup has seen how its idea has become a success.


Dedicated to the design, development and manufacture of electric motorcycles, this Catalan company has received the support of several Ibex 35 companies during 2018. A fact that will allow it to continue developing its projects and launch new models of scooters committed to the environment.


Its founders detected in 2016 the need to connect the world of social networks with the purchasing processes. Two years later, this application continues to increase in users and benefits.


It is the first micro-stay reservations platform in hotels in the world. The client decides the time he will spend at the hotel (3, 6 or 12 hours) and also the time of entry, so he only pays for what he needs. ByHours also helps hotel operators to make each room more profitable. Perfect business!


Aervio has developed a corporate travel booking software based on cognitive technology. This innovative pre-booking system based on a set of established criteria offers a reduction of 75% in travel expenses and more than 90% in the time dedicated to the search task. It appears in the lists of the South Summit 2018 as one of the 100 best Startups of the year.


This business project was born from the hand of a student from the Polytechnic University of Cartagena and aims to optimize the time when choosing movies or series within large catalogs of streaming audiovisual content. Joynfilm has been the Explorer Space UPCT Award winner.


The University of Málaga supports this project that converts plastic waste that cannot be treated into a fuel that is respectful of European pollution standards. This idea has been the winner of the X Startup Program.


This employment platform, founded in Barcelona in 2015, has achieved financing of more than 55 million dollars in just three years of life. Among its investors are important Ibex 35 companies that support this project to save time when looking for employment and selecting new employees.

As these companies show, the world of business is changing rapidly and with it the way of working. In this sense, at Lexington we work to offer the best workspaces, characterized increasingly by being flexible, dynamic and adaptable to our customer needs. Whether you are a freelancer and you want to bet on our coworking service in Madrid, or if you are looking for an executive office or a large personalized corporate office, stop by our workspaces. They will surprise you!


To expand knowledge about this world of entrepreneurship, we also encourage you to know the list of the best Spanish Startups of the year 2018, discover which ones were in the TOP10 of our annual list! 

“I’m convinced that about half of what separates the successful entrepreneurs from the non-successful ones is pure perseverance.”

Steve Jobs


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