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The design of corporate offices has become one of the factors with the strongest impact on work place well-being and therefore productivity. And, in recent years, the workplace has undergone some major changes and has gone from being just a place where work is carried out to become one of the main area targeted by companies seeking to improve the welfare of their employees and achieve maximum performance.

“Office design directly influences concentration, creativity and productivity of teams”

At Lexington we have flexible workspaces adapted to the needs of each company which helps employees to feel more motivated and achieve higher levels of productivity.

The office design that your company

Every corporation has different characteristics, needs and essential requirements that allow employees to carry out their tasks, but as a rule of thumb, these are the main features that all corporate office should include:


Variety of Spaces

Job flexibility is opening the way in more and more companies, this has reduced the number of rigid workspaces and turned them into workspaces that bring together different departments in favour of communication and teamwork.  Now, a well-designed corporate office will also take into account the need for private spaces which are soundproof and intended for private meetings or when maximum concentration is required.

Brand Image

A corporate workspace must above all reflect the personality of a company, its vital that the colours, decorative aspects etc. transmit the identity of a solid and recognizable brand. You will help to increase considerably the links between your company with the team, partners, customers and suppliers. For several years, Lexington has specialized in the creation of fully customized corporate spaces: design and configuration to meet the needs of each company.

Latest Technology

Currently, technology is part of the day to day of almost all companies, so the space must take into account the current technological needs and even anticipate future ones to not become obsolete quickly.

Inspiration & Relax

Being able to look away from the computer for a moment and see nature or film like views has very positive effects on health, as it clears the mind and helps recover maximum levels of concentration. Our business centre La Moraleja is completely surrounded by green spaces and their corporate offices are the best choice for companies that seek the high performance from employees. On the other hand, if you want to see Madrid or Barcelona from above, you can visit our workspaces in Castellana – Cuzco, Castellana –AzcaGran Via Carles III –Trade and Diagonal L’illa.Remember that a good corporative office design directly affects productivity and motivation of teams. So, if you want to know what our spaces are like and how we put these keys principles into practice at Lexington, contact us and start discovering the new (r)evolution of the workspaces.

“To increase your productivity, do not seek to increase the number of hours you dedicate, but reduce the number of tasks that do not impact”

Anxo Pérez


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