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Returning to routine after having enjoyed some relaxing holidays, is  increasingly harder ? It is a common problem that can generate a generalised unrest, sadness or stomach ache, choking sensation,  anxiety or even tachycardia. This is what is known as post-holidays syndrome and it can lead to a depression if you do not face the going back to work with a positive attitude.Idealizing the holidays and the thinking about the back to reality used to be worst than what is in reality, these are usually the main reasons of the loss of illusion. To keep alive the sensation of happiness that  accompanied the holidays, we offer you some advices that can help you to recover the normal rhythm with energy and good mood.- Coming back some days before from the destiny and to restart healthy habits in a progressive way such as to sleep well, to eat healthy and to do exercise will help your organism to recover energies to cope that hard stage with vitality. And above all discard the negative thoughts.

  • A good organization is the key to help you restart your mind. Check your agenda, prioritize the main tasks and record in detail to achieve optimize your time. Eliminate the tasks you have completed to feel more fulfilled and do mental agility exercises to recover the full capacity of your memory are little tips to make you feel better.
  • Set yourself realistic goals. To try to overreach yourself is one of the main causes of stress and frustration. You can counterattack this feeling by setting aims which make you feel great within a short, medium or long time such as a getaway, start a new book or an afternoon of shopping.
  • Organize plans outdoors, alone, as a couple, with friends, colleagues or family. It is hard to say goodbye suddenly to the open urban or natural areas where you have enjoyed during summertime. Small details such as having a coffee on the terrace can help awaken your positive vacation memories.
  • Change your negativity to optimism and share your happiness. Go back after the holiday also has its advantages: goodbye to the heat and queues for everything, allows you to save money and time, the ideal setting to catch up with friends, promote the after working with your colleagues or, why not, to start planning your next holidays.

From Lexington we wish you a happy reincorporation to your work and we remind you that, to make your day-to-day easygoing, we offer you a complete range of services from our business centers in Madrid, to help you achieve your goals everyday.


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