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It is said “if you want something done right, you do it yourself”. This is a saying that employers often take literally, usually for the effort they have put into their business, from the beginning to all goals achived so far. That is why one of the greatest concerns they have is the time to go on vacation, because they know they can not have everything under control, mainly because they will not be there. If this is your case, you should know that this feeling is normal, but you also have to keep in mind that you are human, and you also need a vacation to relax and unwind.

So today in Lexington, we will provide you with six tips on what to do to go on vacation without affecting the operation of your business:

1. Let everyone know your vacation period: (customer, suppliers, employees..) that you go on vacation, indicanting exactly the days you will be out. It is important, you send this information sufficiently in advance to plan the activities according to those ones that require your presence or not, the most important tasks and the ones that can wait for your return.

2. Plan and Schedule task:this point is really important. The fact that you plan task ahead can help you prioritize which are most important ,those in which your presence is interesting, and which ones can your employees manage themselves. You can use a calendar and plan the actions, work and other tasks in funcion of your holiday and the other team members. In this way, you can plan and make sure at all times the best person for each activity. This will provide you tranquility knowing everything is under control.

3. Be proactive: it is very important to avoid any calls that can disturb you holidays. In this sense, you have to consider any circumstances that may arise in your absence.

4. Meeting with your employees: hold a meeting to give your employees some guidelines on the functions that will take as long as you’re away, especially if they change too much and / or have to assume some of great responsibility. You can provide your staff with a responsible person to ask in case they have any problems or emergency and the best way to contact you.

5. Delegate responsibilities: learn to delegate task and responsibilities during the time you are away. Hold a meeting with your staff and make sure they have clear all the points. At this point, you can identify peolple who may assume responsabilities at any time, for example in case you are traveling or sick. This is the best way to relax for a few days and recharge energy to return.

6. Automating tasks: Make the most of new technologies and automate all the tasks that you do not need to do manually such as sending emails, or program the autoresponder email, publishing content on the corporate blog or social networks, etc.

Following this tips you will enjoy a holiday without any fear that your business is not working properly because your are not there. It may be difficult the first time, but once you see it works you won ́t think twice to do it againand be able to enjoy a few days with family.


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