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Many scientific studies have tried to reveal whether using music to concentrate in the office is a success or not. Some analyzes conclude that can distract the worker from its tasks, others on the other hand argue that listening to music  causes the brain to secrete more dopamine and, therefore, increase the levels of happiness and emotion, giving rise to an attitude much more positive. This good attitude, they say, would help the worker to better face the labor challenges and therefore, increase their productivity.In any case, the trend towards more open and flexible work spaces favors that the majority of workers have a headset to turn to in case of needing maximum concentration. With Music? Without music? That is the question!

4 musical genres to focus on in the office

If you have finally decided that the music to concentrate in the office goes with you keep reading because we bring you a list with 4 musical genres recommended by experts to play in the office.Take note!

1. Classical music

Classical music has a positive impact on the cognitive abilities of people and is therefore, the most appropriate musical genre to listen to in the office. Do you know the Mozart effect? This is the title of a book written by Don Campbell that talks about the beneficial properties of classical music to strengthen the mind and release creativity. Undoubtedly, this musical genre has to be on your music list to concentrate on the office.

2. Ambient music

It is a modern musical style but it shares many characteristics with classical music, making it ideal for listening while performing other activities, Harmonious melodies, soothing sounds, nature…. Ambient music has a multitude of benefits and is perfect for listening in the office in the background and isolating oneself from unwanted noise or distractions.

3. Electronic music

Electronic music has some aspects that you may not know but that are perfect to accompany you during your working day. Chill out, ambient house or ambient trance are some of the branches of this musical genre that you can play in the office to increase your concentration.  

4. Pop music

By definition, pop music is not the best way to concentrate in the office, since it contains lyrics and this usually causes the attention to focus too much on the songs. Even so, some people feel that this type of music positively affects their work performance, so we encourage you to give this genre an opportunity and see for yourself the results.¿ What do you think of our list? Discuss this post with your favorite musical genre to focus on the office.

“Without music, life would be a mistake”



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