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Predicting what will happen in the labor market short or medium term is complicated, but there are certain trends that indicate which professions will be most demanded. What has always been an assured job, does not have the guarantee of being it in the future.Therefore, from Lexington, as experts in the business world, we tell you the 4 job profiles that will sweep from 2020.

What do the professions of the future have in common?

It is worth mentioning that if you want to ensure a future in the labor market, several aspects must take into account. Primarily, the professions of the future are directly linked to business trends, as well as digitalization and nanotechnology. The environment is no longer conceived without the use of technology to optimize labor outcomes.On the other hand, the concept of the knowledge society is also directly linked to work. Furthermore, we must bet on multidisciplinary and cross-sectional studies that connect different fields. In addition, the idea of employment as something very durable over time and established in the same location tends to disappear, since every time jobs are linked to specific projects and mobility.

The 4 professions of the future

Logically, there is nothing that is 100% safe or definitive, but based on the market trends and the progress of society, we can say that the professions that will succeed after 2020 will be:

1- Developer

Everything that involves networking, studying and training is synonymous with employment. The optimal solution is to receive specific training and specialize in a specific field. Moreover jobs like developing apps for smartphone; creating web pages designed and designed for the user’s experience; or watching over the cybersecurity of the multinationals, will assure you a job these days.

The optimal solution is to receive specific training and specialize in a specific field

2- Organic Farmer

Nowadays, society is more aware of the importance of respecting the environment and reusing existing resources. Organic farming is on the rise and many users are betting to buy this type of products, free of additives and treated with traditional methods. Therefore, the demands of society will increase the foundation of more highly qualified farmer.

3- Home automation

Technology reaches all areas and the home is not an exception. It is no longer strange to see blinds that go up or down by remote control or house lights that are regulated based on the mood. Nor is it surprising that the start-up of household appliances is directed from a smartphone. Profiles with the ability to visualize the world from the prism of technology.

4- Online teachers

Education is a necessity, consequently, is necessary not only for the teachers to be in the classroom, but also for the teachers to specialize in giving support and reinforcement classes. As explained, one of the key professions in the future will be online teachers.Just as professions evolve and adapt to new technologies, workplaces must also do so to improve the user experience. At Lexington we are aware of this and that is why we put at your disposal the most leading business centers in Spain. In order to lead  your brand to success.


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