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Spending a lot of time on your seat? Now you can learn how to avoid neck and back pain by doing some easy exercises… You wouldn’t need to move from your chair!Nowadays most of our work-ties involve spending long hours seated looking at the screen of our computers in a static unconformable posture. These habits eventually carry some aches and discomfort.For a start, as we all know, it is advisable to walk or to do some physical activity on a daily basis. Swimming and biking are recommendable as well as yoga and pilates. All of them prove to be excellent ways of stretching our muscles and helping our bodies to avoid aches. The good news is that there are some exercises you can practise while working.When you notice that your neck is getting stiff, you can smoothly lean your head to both shoulders, first one, then the other, 10 seconds each. This simple gesture may help you to find some relief.If the pain is located on your back, you should rectify your body posture during the time you are seated. To do this, you must keep your back straight, but if it still feels bad, try to rise your arms and cross them behind your head. Stay this way for 15 seconds. This is comparable to the movement we make when waking up.A similar exercise may be helpful to stretch your arms: lace the fingers of both hands and stretch your arms in front of your chest with the palms facing outward. Stay this way for a few seconds and then relax your arms.If you are able to do theses exercises regularly, once or twice a day, you will feel better and some aches will disappear, so your body will recover some flexibility and swiftness.


Do not change nor health for wealth, neither freedom for power

Benjamin Franklin


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