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Taking care of one’s health, preventing diseases and maintaining a healthy and well-balanced diet is essential, and that is why nutritionists recommend having 5 meals a day. However, current circumstances at their jobs allow workers only 2 or 3 out of those meals per day, depending on their own working hours and availability. Therefore, investing quality time on preparing our bento box to eat at the office is a must if we want to be healthy and take care of our eating habits.

Nowadays, the rush, the stress, the tight schedule and the huge amount of responsibilities at work lead us into less healthy eating routines because we see ourselves forced to give priority to work efficiency above our own well-being. That is why it is important to build awareness around the topic and to pay attention to our diet whenever we are out: eating healthy and well-balanced will most definitely help you taking care of you both mentally and physically, giving you the energy you need to be productive and to boost your performance at work.

Healthy eating habits help you boost your performance at work!

Take note of some easy and healthy take-out recipes and succeed already on your working day!

5 tips on how to take care of your health at the office

 Having lunch at the office has nothing to do with leave your healthy eating habits behind; those will actually help you maintain focus at work and boost your efficiency and creativity. Our first tip is avoiding salt and saturated fats on your recipes and always including a healthy snack on your pack, such as homemade sandwiches, nuts or some fruit to have whenever you feel like eating something between meals!

In case you don’t have the time to invest such hours on preparing your meals, there’s always going to be a restaurant nearby, ready-to-eat meals shops or supermarkets where to get homemade recipes, hot and freshly made!

On top of all that, here you have 5 extra tips on a healthy diet to take care of your health while working at the office!

1. Have your 5 meals each day and don’t miss a single one:

It is essential to have a nice breakfast before leaving your house so you’ll have enough energy to live through the day! Nonetheless, give yourself a treat around noon to recover your energy until lunchtime. Oh, and don’t forget to have another snack before leaving the office so you don’t starve until dinner.

2. Follow a timetable and try not to have snacks between meals:

A healthy diet comes with strict routines and guidelines! Try to respect your lunch hours as much as possible, and don’t have snacks between meals! Well, of you cannot resist anymore, go for a super healthy snack instead.

3. Blow of some steam and exercise.

Your lunch break hours are perfect for get your mind out of work! Enjoy this little time and talk to your colleagues about everything but work issues. Or you can also benefit from this little break and practise some relaxation exercises at the office: blow off some steam and get rid of the stress!

4. Get up and take your mind off your workstation

Give yourself a break and enjoy your free time to have a coffee and a snack, to move around the office and forget for a while what’s waiting for you at your desk! Get up, walk for a bit and go to the coffee machine or the common areas. Your body and your mind will appreciate it so much that you change your location for a few minutes!

5. Be careful with quantities!

As you may already know, consuming large amounts of food may make you feel sleepy, even tired, and that’s something we must avoid at all costs! Most importantly during your working hours. Try and elude, then, eating big meals so that you won’t feel sleepy or tired afterwards. It is better to eat less but more times to keep up with your responsibilities during the day!

Oh, and please, remember that staying hydrated is as important as the food you choose!  So, besides healthy meals and exercise, water, fruit juices and isotonic drinks always come in handy to keep your body well hydrated and to avoid upsetting headaches, sore muscles or even feeling dizzy.

Having lunch at work during COVID-19 times

Now, more than ever, we must pay attention to what we eat and stay healthy both physically and mentally, to strengthen our body’s defences and to stay positive! This new normality we have been living in since the end of June have made some companies limiting their kitchen or dining space for security reasons to implement new protocols for these areas.

From Lexington, we have implemented some very rigorous protocols regarding the use of our spaces, especially when it comes to common spaces, our kitchen area and coffee spots. Take note of the measures we have listed down below for your own office! They will help you have lunch both safely and healthy!

  • Limited capacity within common areas and kitchens so as to ensure social distancing! Different shifts will be created for those who want to use these spaces.
  • Every fringe will be emptied and cleaned at the end of the day for a proper disinfection.
  • Kitchenware and common items removal.
  • Have lunch in your workstation, always keeping in mind the importance of getting up and taking your mind off work!
  • Avoid using the dishwasher.

For further information, click here to check the complete #SafeReturnToLexington Plan, with every measure implemented within our flexible spaces in Madrid and Barcelona so as to ensure our client’s safety and protection.

 “To eat is a necessity, but to eat intelligently is an art.”

François La Rochefoucauld


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