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Nuestra mayor aspiración es poder ayudarte y ofrecerte el espacio que más se adecue a tus necesidades.

We are living a transforming era, everything is subject to change, or rather, to progress. Hence, we focus on the future and the improvement. This is the age of a cutting-edge technology breakthrough, the age of big professionals making big worldwide discoveries such as finding new planets, even similar to Earth; or the age of looking for the first time at a picture of a black-hole (among many other highlights).

But if we go deeper, not only into this century, but on this 2020, we can firmly assert that this year has put us to the test, no exception. We have got to go above and beyond to adapt to the new situations we faced each day.

Speaking of which, how do you think our workspaces could be defined in the next months or years? Don’t miss out this post if you want to learn about the offices of the future and the 4 key principles of their nature:

#1 – Avant-garde designs: assured well-being at work

The office of the future will go hand in hand with the concept of avant-garde and a practical yet simple structure and décor. Open and minimalist spaces where less is more, reassuring your wellbeing with ergonomic settings and different environments, characterized by dynamism and productivity.

Workstations as soft seating or open space offices, specially made to assure your employee’s wellbeing, boosting their creativity and productivity are great examples of the offices of the future. Nonetheless, it is important to consider the post-coronavirus requirements with which we’ll live together for a while.

#2 – Cutting-edge technology: take advantage from being at the forefront.

Years ago, we welcomed the digital era, discovered Internet and now we can use the most advanced resources to make any job in any work environment simply easier.

Digitalization is also a key factor in the office of the future, because any sector nowadays wants to make every daily process easier, thus more efficient. That is why flexible spaces go for the latest technology and for virtual formulas and digital tools that are there to make our  day simpler, saving time and expanding our business model all around the world.

An avant-garde design, the latest technology, customisation and flexibility: 4 key concepts for the future

#3 – Customization: always thinking about you.

If there is one thing that technology has given us, as machine learning or artificial intelligence, is the ability to provide the most personalized goods and services.

Customization is a must in the offices of the new era since no two employees behave or work in the same way. In lights of this, we must think about providing each one of them what they need to make them feel as comfortable as possible and to squeeze their talent to the maximum. An example: an employee may need an open space or a more private zone, an certain temperature temperature or a break area so as to hold more relaxed and informal meetings.

Without overlooking the identity of your brand, the office of the future will focus, now more than ever, on conveying values and a feeling of belonging trough a recognisable image and its own layout.

Developing 100% custom-made workspaces, that is the point.

Customization is key for the offices of the future

The future is here. And in Lexington we create workspaces to favor those professionals working in them. We think, do our research and provide the latest technology trends for their well-being. Thus, among our services, you will find offices based on elastic concepts, as well as different categories of our virtual offices and exclusive benefits so as you could remotely carry out your company’s endeavors.

Contact us, we are looking forward to meeting you!

#4 – Flexibility and hybrid formulas

Regarding the latest point, beyond customisation, we must focus on flexibility and adaptability, bringing both to its fullest by creating this new way of working that was born and consolidated is most companies during these months after the health crisis. Here we have the hybrid model, one that combines working remotely with coming to the office. Let us tell you more about it!

If you need to implement this new method as soon as possible, take a look at our Blended office! It will make it easier to set this new hybrid formula up, with a limited investment and the most flexible conditions.

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“We look beyond the limits to discover new realities”

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