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We are living a transforming era, everything is subject to change, or rather, to progress. Hence, we focus on the future and the improvement. This is the age of a cutting-edge technology breakthrough, the age of big professionals making big worldwide discoveries such as finding new planets, even similar to Earth; or the age of looking for the first time at a picture of a black-hole (among many other highlights).

In Lexington, we opt for the idea of flexible workspaces, we look ahead to the future to implement everything in the present. That is the reason why all our spaces have a groundbreaking style, besides providing every amenity of the best quality you may need.

We shall find out then 3 key concepts future offices will, for sure, incorporate. Do you want to find out more? Keep reading!

1. Avant-garde designs: assured well-being at work

The future office has its own edgy style. It all evolves around keeping a balance between simplicity and practicality within its structure and style. Geometric shapes and minimalist spaces. Less is more in the office of the future. Our main goal is to ensure comfort at work with ergonomic spaces and different atmospheres.

Atmospheres such as soft seating or open spaces offices, thought to guarantee the worker’s comfort, and also pushing their creativity and productivity, are the perfect example for us to picture the office of the future.

2. Cutting-edge technology: take advantage from being at the forefront.

Years ago, we welcomed the digital era, discovered Internet and now we can use the most advanced resources to make any job in any work environment simply easier.

The digitalization is key in the offices of the future; every industry shares a common point that is to facilitate routine tasks, becoming then way more effective. Thereupon, these new flexible workspaces implement the latest technology, all virtualized and incorporating digital tools that not only would ease management, but will also reduce the answering times.

Avant-garde design, leading-edge technology and customization, 3 key points on forthcoming offices

3. Customization: always thinking about you.

If there is one thing that technology has given us, as machine learning or artificial intelligence, is the ability to provide the most personalized goods and services.

Customization is a must in the offices of the new era since no two employees behave or work in the same way. In lights of this, we should be able to offer each of them what they need to make them feel as comfortable as possible and to squeeze their talent to the maximum. An example: an employee may need an open space or a more private zone, an ideal temperature or a break area so as to hold more relaxed and informal meetings. Developing 100% custom-made workspaces, that is the point.

Customization is key for the offices of the future

The future is here. And in Lexington we create workspaces to favor those professionals working in them. We think, do our research and provide the latest technology trends for their well-being. Thus, among our services, you will find offices based on elastic concepts, as well as different categories of our virtual offices and exclusive benefits so as you could remotely carry out your company’s endeavors.

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“We look beyond the limits to discover new realities”

Lexington team

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