[TOP 10] Best Spanish startups in 2017

[TOP 10] Best Spanish startups in 2017

 About to finish this 2017, we are reviewing the best  10 Spanish startups according to the  obtained funding rounds, its fast growth and the prizes received during this year . Take a look at this post, you have to get to know them!


This is a startup dedicated to car trading whose main and differential value is transparency. Why? Because they tell all the problems that the vehicles have had and that generates a high level of trust in their customers.


It is an online platform which lets their users do the shopping and receive it where and when they require in an hour. This startup stands out because it won the regional competition organized by Spain Startup-South Summit in Valencia.


This startup is a 100% online platform which  lets you manage your savings and investments in a simple and efficient way. It was the regional winner  of the competition organized by Spain Startup-South Summit in Madrid.


It is a mobile app which encourages people to be more sustainable day by day. Why is it one of the best startups in Spain this year? Light has been the winning project by popular vote through the action called #ApadrinaUnEmprendedor (#SponsorAnEntrepreneur) in the second edition of Pascual Startup Awards.

Lola Market

Lola Market, which is an online solution for the weekly purchase of fresh groceries, has been considered as the best Starup of the year in Spain E-Commerce Awards.


It is an online platform about jewels which brings together jewellers and customers creating affordable products for a great number of users. Singularu has been able to grow significantly, diversify its sale channels and raise its volume of invoicing.


Wallbox is one of the best Spanish startups  in 2017 because of its award as the best  startup in South Summit 2017. It focuses on the design, development and manufacture of the most advanced electrical charging systems with the aim of supporting the arrival of sustainable transport.


It is a startup which offers surprise trips, in which travelers do not discover their final destination until 2 days before traveling. An idea that has been considered the best tourism startup in Europe in Startup Europe Awards.


It is an organisation which helps other business to detect the lack of formation or communication through a question and answer quiz.

Zapiens was the only Spanish finalist in the international event Pirates Summit, that took place in Koln, Germany.  It has also been the winner in vertical B2B of South Summit 2017.


Company specialised in wireless technology for communication and positioning which offers solutions at national levels in the areas of wireless communication, traceability and positioning. It is noted that it was the winner of ´Elevator Pitch´ in this year´s edition of the well-known Salón MiEmpresa.

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