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It’s not only us, but many headlines are already saying it: CEOs want to put an end to 100% remote work and are looking for incentives to bring the team back to the office. Does this mean that the end of the working offsite era is near and we are welcoming the return to the office?

In today’s article we’ll talk about the benefits of working onsite in this new era. Let’s get started!


Incentive 1 to return to the office | Flexible workspaces

Flexible workspaces exist (in case we hadn’t mentioned it enough 😉 ) and are a great way to sweeten the return to face-to-face. Not only have they become a trend increasingly in demand by companies of all industries and sizes, but the ability to have different work areas such as private offices, shared desks, informal meeting rooms and breakout areas gives employees the opportunity to choose where and how they want to work.

And not to forget the flexible conditions and adaptation to the growth and needs of the workforce at all times that this type of environment carries in its DNA. Of course, these are very important advantages for both companies and teams wishing to put an end to 100% online working.


Incentive 2 to return to the office | Access to extra resources

A well-equipped office provides access to additional resources that can be difficult to replicate in the remote work environment. These resources include cutting-edge technology, specialized tools, information libraries, and the ability to interact immediately with peers. This access to extra resources can boost efficiency and quality of work, giving employees a solid reason to opt for in-office work. Or are you extremely lucky to live in a 100% equipped home?


Incentive 3 to return to the office | Collaborative environment and creation of spaces for teamwork

Collaboration is essential in many work environments, and the office is the ideal place to foster it. Coworking spaces allow for more effective meetings and brainstorming sessions, promoting communication and synergy among team members. In addition, physical presence in the office can help establish stronger bonds between colleagues, which is crucial for medium- and long -term collaboration.


Incentive 4 to return to the office | Wellness programs: gym, food and activities

Mental health matters, which is why companies are increasingly aware of the importance of employee wellness. Offering facilities that include wellness areas and benefits such as healthy food options and motivational activities in the office can help employees maintain a work-life balance. Not only do these programs improve employee health and wellness, but they also create a more attractive environment for face-to-face work in the office.

Would you like to work in a space that offers wellness incentives, but don’t know of any? Problem solved! We encourage you to visit our flex space in Castellana 141-Cuzco: physiotherapy, healthtraining, yoga, pilates, auditorium and gastro area. This is a good reason to want to go back to the office. 👀


Incentive 5 to return to the office | Time flexibility and hybrid work

Onsite work or offsite work… As Hannah Montana once said, why choose when we have the best of both worlds at our disposal?

Although we are talking about incentives to return to the office, flexibility is still key. Allowing employees to combine onsite work with remote work may be the most attractive solution. This gives them the flexibility to balance the convenience of remote work with the benefits of in-person interaction and in-office collaboration.

Bonus track: in Lexington’s flexible spaces you can find the hybrid office service and have a private office that includes additional passes to common work areas. The team will be able to rotate without the need to hire an office for the whole staff. Onsite and offsite… hand in hand! In addition, we propose you this article with the ideas that large companies have in 2023 for a “hybrid” work.

Benefits of onsite work vs. remote work

In the modern era, or rather… post pandemic era, where remote work has become increasingly common, it is essential to remember the benefits that onsite work offers compared to remote work.

Better communication and transparency between teams

One of the most obvious benefits of onsite work is improved communication and transparency between teams. When employees share the same physical space, face-to-face conversations are more natural and effective. Problems can be solved more quickly, collaboration is fostered, and decision making becomes more agile. In addition, nonverbal communication, such as body language and facial expressions, becomes more important and contributes to deeper understanding.

Social contact and interaction

Onsite work fosters human contact and social interaction, which is essential for emotional well-being and strong working relationships. Informal office conversations, hallway chats and shared meals not only improve the work environment, but also strengthen emotional bonds, resulting in increased team spirit.

Increased knowledge of the company

Being physically present in the office gives employees a greater opportunity to immerse themselves in the company’s culture and values. They can participate in corporate events, in-person training and professional development activities that help them better understand the organization’s mission and vision.

Home-work separation

One of the most common concerns about telecommuting is the difficulty of separating work and personal life. Working from home can make it more difficult to disconnect at the end of the day. For this reason, working onsite could help to feel that disconnection that we sometimes need.


Back to the office in Lexington’s flexible workspaces

If you have come this far and you’re keen on going back to the office, but you haven’t found your perfect option yet, we encourage you to visit our coworking in Madrid or Barcelona. At Lexington we specialize in the rental of flexible workspaces and we have custom-designed offices, collaborative areas, meeting rooms, breakout areas and much more to make the workspace a key incentive to attract workers to the office.

Choose our offices to locate your team and start enjoying the benefits and flexibility of the flex world now. 🚀


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