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Is it CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) a beneficial and useful philosophy for SMEs? Answer is yes, and it would be a mistake thinking the opposite, because applying sustainability and CSR policies helps to guaranty the business survival and to contribute to the improvement of the society, the economy and the environment.

Companies investing in CSR contribute to improving the society, the economy and the environment

On top of it, it adds a new vision to the concept we might have of a business. It is way to administer it balancing at the same time the achievement of financial goals with managing social and environmental impacts.

Following you could find 3 good reasons for you to bet on the CRS for your business, pay attention and be ready to take notes!

This 3 reasons will convince you to start applying CSR policies in your SME

 1 ↠ Attracting and developing talent

Professionals aim to work in companies that are committed and social responsible. On top of it, CSR promotes the acquisition of new skills among workers, such as leadership, responsibility and team work.

2 ↠ Improving productivity

Employees working in a good working atmosphere and in companies committed to care for the environment and society, are happier and more productive.

Furthermore, working in a company that invests in CSR increases the feeling of belonging and commitment of the employees and therefore, their every-day efficiency.

3 ↠ Increasing the company value

A company investing in CSR helps its profitability and competitiveness factor to grow, since it represents an entrance guarantee to go into in new markets and attract new investments.

A company betting on CSR attracts investors, earn credibility and reinforce its reputation


When starting with the application of CSR policies in your company, do not forget to connect them with the global strategy, the company culture and corporate values. It would be the only way to be fully successful.

  “If a brand genuinely wants to make a social contribution, it should start with who they are, not what they do”

Simon Mainwaring


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