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Nuestra mayor aspiración es poder ayudarte y ofrecerte el espacio que más se adecue a tus necesidades.

Or better said… how to find the best meeting room? Well, easy! Taking into account every variable such as our event’s typology, tone, projection or number of attendees, among others, we’ll be able to find the best meeting room for it. One size does not fit all!

However, how will we know what kind of meeting room or which extra resources we need for our event?

First, get in touch with the experts! Our Product Manager, Fabián Hernández, knows well how to organize successful events, what made him a professional on meeting spaces and formulas. Leave us your contact details so we can call you back!

It couldn’t be easier!

But, hey! Do you want to arrive to your meeting with everything under control, being an expert yourself? Done! Today we share with you the essentials to choose the best meeting room.

How many square metres do you need in the best meeting room?

First thing you need to know when choosing the best meeting room for your event is how big you expect it to be, because dimensions are key.

From Lexington, as experts in event organization, we’d recommend assigning at least 2 sqm per person. No matter the size of our event (being an intimate interview, a crowded training session or a hybrid meeting with the team + remote employees), having enough space for each attendee so they can move freely around the space is crucial.

Need an example? There you go!

  • If you are thinking about organising a training week for the team, you’ll want to make a reservation for our Vivaldi meeting room in Lexington Príncipe de Vergara 132, almost 95 sqm big. The up to 36 people attending will have enough room to work in groups or to leave the room and enter again without disturbing the class.
  • Or maybe you want to add new talent to your project? The path towards attracting and, most importantly, retaining new talent begins in the interview. Best candidates won’t be able to decline your offer if they feel like they belong from the very first time. First impressions are vert very Our meeting rooms Zion in Lexington Paseo de la Castellana 79 is perfect for a small group of 3 – 4 people, able to accommodate both employers and employees so they can get to know each other better!

What kind of equipment does the best meeting room need?

Now that the hybrid model has arrived at the office, connecting teams around the world is finally possible. Sharing a project, a department, and of course a meeting was never easier. The events of the future are already happening in the present, and the meeting space we choose must provide with the most updated equipment, including:

Projector and screen

It’s a must! Having audio-visual support for your meeting is imperative so you can show a projection, a video, graphics…


Even though you have all well prepared beforehand, having a fast and trustworthy internet connection is something you cannot miss. Making your meeting a full experience for the whole team you’ll have to be able to, with a single click, find the explanation you were searching and the audio-visual support you didn’t know you needed.

Hybrid technology

Hybrid meetings, the icing of the cake! If you want your meeting to reach every corner of your company, to truly transcend, the perfect meeting room for you must be able to connect all those team members working in remote to your in-site meeting.

Connectivity + a screen for your presentations and to see all those connected from their home-office + camera + sound equipment = the best meeting room ever!

Other characteristics of the best meeting room

So, what other properties should the best meeting room have? Undoubtedly, for tastes colours, so the perfect features for a meeting room for us could not alienate with yours exactly. We are positive though that these few ones are basic for any meeting room to be potentially perfect.

Furniture and design

As we have told you in many occasions, a plain round table with chairs will never be the winner in a meeting room contest. Design, ergonomics and decorations are key factors for the space your team will meet in to inspire them to make the best decisions and create the most outstanding projects.  

Illumination and air conditioning

How do we find the perfect balance? It’s evident: what comes naturally. Direct sunlight was never as important as it is now, and that’s because your team needs great light to boost their energy throughout the day, to avoid unpleasant headaches and to, let’s face it, hype us up a bit! Same with the air conditioning! The ideal point should be around 23-25ºC.


Needless to say, the best meeting room should be perfect on the inside as well as on the outside, and that’s why location and accessibility must be taken into account as well if you want your meeting room to be nominated for this award. Choosing a meeting room in a flexible workspace as Lexington’s, who is already located in the best spots in Madrid and Barcelona, is the best way to check (and double check) this area.

There is no place in Madrid as Paseo de la Castellana, Chamartín and La Moraleja, or Avenida Diagonal in Barcelona, that would give your brand and your event such premium vibe, even before the meeting itself!

How to get the best meeting room ready?

What should we supervise as the event approaches? How can we get ready for the big day? Check this essentials checklist out:

Confirm your reservation was made.

Send a reminder to the participants with all the information: date, time, location… so they have all under control!

✅ Check the meeting room’s layout is the best match for your event. If you have doubts, know our front-desk team is here to give you their piece of advice if you need one!

Verify if there isn’t any kind of intolerance or allergies among the people attending your event in case you hired a coffee or a lunch break catering!

You know what? Besides getting contents together and checking the attendees list… you won’t have to worry about anything else! The best meeting room comes with the best team, because they’ll take over your room’s preparations for the date. The support of an experienced host as Lexington will only add to your event!

The best meeting rooms in Madrid and Barcelona

Certainly, well located, powerful and flexible meeting rooms located at the best spots in the city and with the best team taking care of everything are always the top favourites. That is the reason why our meeting rooms in Madrid and meeting spaces in Barcelona are, as you already know, potentially perfect for your meetings.

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Get in touch asap and book a visit! Don’t forget to bring your checklist with you. You’ll see, with our expertise and your vision we’ll find the best meeting rooms.

“Why fit in when you were born to stand out!”

Dr. Seuss


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