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Anna Jorge

Short answer? Yes, your company needs flexible workspaces. Long answer? Yes, your company needs flexible workspaces and this article is about to tell you why!

The new mindset or the old routines we are getting back (with a twist) are making many companies rethink their working formulas, wondering whether they should maintain full home-office plans, move on to hybrid working or make teams go back to the office full-time. These decisions and the reshaping processes are hard to take on, but it all will become even harder if your workspace plays against you, if they are not your ally. That’s why flexible workspaces are what companies are looking for: goodbye unnecessary expenses and uncertainty and say welcome to the new office space your teams will want to work at.

Flexible workspaces, what are those?

For those living under a rock and unaware of the revolution we are currently living regarding working and workspaces, let us remind you!

Flexible workspaces, as ours in Lexington, can be defined as working environments with the capacity to adapt to every company’s needs at any given time. Also known as business centres or coworking, this space formula includes private offices for teams of all-sizes, common areas to work at or to take a break, and extra amenities like kitchens or canteens, phone booths or work hubs. Imagine all that at the best locations in the best cities in the world and you’ll be able to picture flexible workspaces.

How will flexible workspaces benefit my company?

We could say flexible workspaces are a benefit themselves, could we not? Seriously, if we had to highlight the greatest advantage of flexibility in the workplace, that would be the lack of concern they allow.

Flexible office spaces will free your company from the big-scale office-hunt, long-term lease agreements and the huge investment conventional spaces demand. The workplace the team spend so many hours at cannot be put together in a day and without effort. With the flexible workspace formula, the job gets way easier. Form this moment on, the flex operator will be the one responsible for the strategic location, electricity, Internet, water and community fees and expenses. All that besides the design of inspiring common areas and meeting rooms, capable of making pleasant even the earliest briefings, and some extra amenities you knew (or didn’t know) you needed.

What does the perfect workspace have?

This is a great place to start your path towards flex, so… what should the perfect workspace have?

First of all, a workspace whose main goal is to improve your team’s wellbeing, should meet certain requirements:

Your office space should embody the company’s values and brand image. After all, your team will spend +8 hours a day working there, and corporate culture is as important for them as any other asset for their productivity and personal motivation. Making them feel a part of something is the key for true commitment.

On the other hand, every person’s needs should be covered at the workplace, and that will not happen by providing a desk, a comfy chair and a Wi-Fi connection only. Decoration, stunning common areas to take a break at or sober meeting rooms are a must!

Needless to say that your company’s headquarter should be found at strategic points of the city, not only for the picture it will create for your company to be located at Paseo de la Castellana in Madrid or Avenida Diagonal in Barcelona, but also because it’s a charm for talent! Best candidates in your selection processes will not hesitate to choose your company for their careers if commuting is only a matter of minutes, parking is easy in the area or plenty of restaurants and/or shopping centres surround their new workplace.

We are so sorry you have to read this, but if your old-fashioned office does not meet every point of this list, it will not qualify to become the office of the future. What, then? What should you do? Easy, move to flex!

Case studies: move to flex if…

Your company’s working style is now hybrid

The hybrid working model is a reality now, more than 70% of Spanish employees are already working hybridly!

Finding the perfect balance between personal and professional life, flexibility, freedom and trust are only a few of the great benefits from this working model the pandemic has left us. However, many companies have learnt the bad way that their old workspaces are unprepared for this new mindset: maybe teams rotating left a lot of space unused, maybe offices are no longer profitable because of this large empty space or maybe the infrastructure became obsolete for new routines and needs like hybrid meetings, videoconferences, safe distance…

Flexible workspaces will make all those “but” disappear with an office space thought for rotating teams, and while some of them still work at home, there is space for everyone that needs it, both inside the proper office and around the common areas. All on top of the latest technological equipment required for the new meeting formats, videocalls, events and interviews.

Your company is currently growing with offshore teams

The pandemic, remote working and new routines we are still discovering also meant new business and growth opportunities for many companies, and perhaps some of them were overwhelmed by the stiffness that characterized their workspaces. An old-fashioned office space is not prepared for sudden changes in their teams-sizes and routines… aha! Here is where flex spaces make their dramatic entrance!

Flexible office spaces are able to adapt in record time for both growth and reshape of teams. Larger spaces, personalised units within the office, daily support for remote workers… flexible workspaces just make it easy for you and your company, so you can all focus in what truly matters: launch your project to fame!

Your international company wants to start working in Spain

The vintage idea of the office that lived and ruled in our country for so many years has almost vanished completely, and that’s partially because international companies with international opportunities land in our country looking for flexible workspaces from the very beginning. The heaviness of hiring services and supplies from scratch, reception staff, maintenance and cleaning, besides furniture, decoration and interior design may be too much for a company just about to set foot on the moon for the first time. That is what flex operators as Lexington give a hand to all these companies, providing them with an office space ready to go and with everything they could need (and so much more, always! Being part of this flexible community goes to the space and beyond).

Our flexible workspaces in Madrid

Why do we know so much about flexible workspaces? Well, because we began our flex career more than 40 years ago, and we have provided companies with solutions committed to their projects and their teams. 

Our flexible workspaces in Madrid and our office spaces in Barcelona have a common goal: taking care of you and your business. Oh, do you need concrete examples, there you go!

A personalised office in Madrid will give you the keys for your team’s next workspace, yes, but also access to a white canvas to reflect your company’s culture, common areas to bond with your employees, meeting rooms to attract the capital’s best talent and premium locations in the city of Madrid as Paseo de la Castellana, Chamartín and La Moraleja.

Lexington flex spaces in Barcelona

What about a new office in Barcelona? This promising city is the best choice to locate your company. Lexington flexible workspaces in Avenida Diagonal will give you the opportunity to connect with other community members you’ll share space with, besides relying on our professional Lexington team for daily support.

Being part of the flexible family really goes beyond an office, a meeting room or a coworking area; flexible workspaces mean possibility, progress, networking, inspiration, productivity, team spirit… What’s more! Let’s abandon this preconceived idea that this kind of environments are only good for entrepreneurs, small companies or freelancers. Whether you are a start-up or your profile is closer to a corporate coworking, you’ll expectations will be met!

To the question “does my company need flexible workspaces?”, the answer is yes, always yes! Do you want us to tell you more? Fill in this form and let us buy you a coffee, we’ll tell you everything!

The best way to predict your future is to create it.


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