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New technology and globalization have resulted in more flexible team settings, such as remote work, working from home or blended working. These are new settings that are here to stay with its consequences.

Are you the CEO in your company and are thinking about implementing the option of remote work but you do not know how to lead these types of teams? You are in the right place. Continue reading because we are going to offer you some tips to take into account:

↠ In work teams the communication should always easily flow but even more in virtual teams, because nonverbal communication does not exist. Communicate with your employees and make sure they communicate with each other. Video conferences tools, interactive whiteboard or chat rooms can assist you in maintaining a good communication.

↠ Like in any job, it is important that colleagues know each other. Organize at least a meeting once a week, to talk not only about company projects but also about personal stuff. This will contribute to build a trust relationship among the members of the group, increasing the efficiency of the team.

↠ If you want your employees to stay focused on the job, establish goals and deadlines. This way you could increase their productivity.

Use Project Management Tools. They would help your employees to organize themselves in an efficient manner and you could also monitor the performance of their assigned tasks: when they are doing it, how long it is taking them and productivity levels. This way you could optimize your resources and identify leaders as well as synchronize with invoicing systems, saving time and cost. Zoho Projects, TeamBox or Basecamp are some examples of the many project management tools available for you to use in to everyday job.

↠ Some employees might loss focus and slow down because they do not have the constant presence of a boss supervising them; For that reason be very careful in your hiring process.

Virtual or blended work can bring you several benefits such as cost savings; offer work/life balance conditions; and the possibility of attracting best talents wherever they are. To facilitate this, Lexington offers you a wide range of virtual services with all the advantages of having a representative office in a premium location but without the high costs associated to it. Moreover, you can choose our flexible offices to get a good balance between online and presencial work.

 “It is not an easy task to lead men; however, pushing them is very easy”

Rabindranath Tagore


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