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The importance of the work environment on productivity

You surely understand how this directly affects productivity if you’ve had the experience of working in a hostile workspace. Given that we spend a large number of hours at work, it is essential that the environment in which we operate is welcoming and pleasant.

It is true that more and more companies are embracing the culture of wellness and recognizing its importance in the work environment. To continue improving in this aspect, we must keep in mind that productivity begins with motivation, and taking care of spaces can be a great first step.


How to make a productive workspace?

Congratulations! If you have come this far, you understand the importance of having a favorable workspace to boost productivity. Well, pay attention, because we will give you the main keys to make it.

Creating a productive workspace requires attention to several general aspects:


A clean and tidy space will help you maintain focus and avoid unnecessary distractions. Less is more!


When we work for several hours in the same place, not just any chair or table will do. The way in which we work impacts directly on our body posture, so a good workspace must prioritize the health of its employees.


The right lighting boosts productivity and improves motivation. By customizing the lighting in office spaces, not only aesthetic results are achieved, but also the comfort and well-being of workers is promoted.


Spaces that can’t miss in your office if you want to improve productive work

The next step is to know which spaces are a must in your office:

Phone booths

Phone booths are the new trend in workspaces and, although the term is very descriptive, let’s explain what they actually are. They are small, independent and private stations that allow employees to have spaces where they can make calls or have conversations in peace and quiet without the noise that can occur on the most stressful days in the office.

Open spaces

Spaces that encourage collaboration and teamwork are a must. This can include meeting rooms, breakout areas, event areas, breakout areas or even lunch bars.

Bonus track: We encourage you to discover how to choose the best meeting room to win over your clients or employees.

Green spaces

Locating offices in green environments offers great benefits for workers. A Harvard University research shows that people who work in green offices have better cognitive performance.


Technology and the right equipment for productive work

Technology plays a fundamental role in improving labor productivity. Having the right equipment and the necessary technological tools not only facilitates the performance of tasks, but also ensures greater efficiency and productive work.

The automation of processes, the implementation of specialized software and access to advanced digital tools not only benefits employees, but also provides a competitive advantage to the company. Furthermore, the technological investment demonstrates the company’s commitment to innovation and development, thus attracting quality talent in the labor market.


Our commitment to boosting productivity and well-being

Lexington distinguishes itself by its unwavering commitment to creating workspaces that promote both the productivity and well-being of its users.

Thanks to our ability to adapt offices to the client’s needs, offer private areas, common areas and much more, we can provide the best guarantees to enjoy an inspiring and welcoming work environment in our flexible spaces in Madrid and Barcelona.


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