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An intense growth in the new technology world has resulted in people continuously checking smartphones, tablets and any type of cellphones in order to feel that they stay connected.

Nevertheless, older and high-paid professionals consider that checking emails or instant messages or even answering calls during a meeting is inappropriate.

This is stated in a research report by Marshall Business School from the University of Southern California.

People show hostility towards colleagues paying more attention to their smartphones than to comments during a meeting because they consider this attitude as lacking respect for others. Besides, it is known that it is not possible to pay full attention to several things at the same time. In addition, this behaviour is seen as a weakness because you are not able to control it.

For you not to worry about attending calls while in a meeting, in Lexington we offer you, as an executive area or virtual office client, our multi-skilled team. It will satisfy your administrative support needs and reception requirements and will provide you with IT and maintenance support becoming your perfect partner for your business every-day tasks.

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 John Ruskin


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