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Have you noticed that in the last few years your way of work has changed? Can you imagine that the offices will be adapted to our new life style? Stop thinking because this is already a reality that is growing by leaps and bounds. Small and impersonal offices located in areas where the contact with clients is not easy are gone. Now the trend that will set the future in businesses is renting offices and meeting rooms in business centres where workers feel comfortable and can deal with external employees.

Any employee’s dream is to work in an office with modern facilities, the best technology and common areas where relaxing after a hard working day.

Leading companies have already improved their employees and client’s experience and have moved to business centers with dynamic offices always adapted to their needs and where they can keep in touch with employees from other companies.

Keeping work teams and clients motivated and satisfied must be a priority for every company. Because of that, offering offices at the forefront of design and technology, like we do in our business center Lexington Cuzco, situated in the best locations in cities like Madrid or Barcelona, can be the key to maintain and attract talent to companies.

In Lexington we have new and modern offices with plenty of meeting rooms equipped with new technologies which enable team synchronization. At our business centers we combine wide areas with reduced meeting rooms to let you organize both internal and external meetings, phone calls, videoconferences, etc. The trend is to get out the offices, get rid of physical borders creating common spaces which facilitate a better working atmosphere for employees. Our purpose is to humanize work spaces and that is why we have created a merger between technology and friendly environments.

Besides, our Lexington business centers are located in the city center, which enables meetings with clients, matchmaking, access to leisure areas,… in conclusion, an enhancement of wellbeing  for workers which can lead them to experience an improvement in their productivity and not to wish a change of company.

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