Which are the most required profiles for the companies in 2016?

Which are the most required profiles for the companies in 2016?

The kind of professions that we find nowadays, are really far from how they were a few years ago. The main cause has been the appearance of internet and how it´s been developing and implementing in all of our personal and professional areas.

Internet has become the main tool for working to many professionals

From Lexington we have selected five professional profiles which will be more required by the companies along this 2016:

1. Financier: Controller

This profile is very required from large multinationals. A person with a strategic role in charge of the business management and who must have an exceptional analytical capacity and process optimization.

2. Marketing and sales: Business developer in a digital company

This is the most required profile in the area of marketing. It´s a professional multitask with good customer orientation, and capacity of innovation and adaptation to different working environment.

3. Retail: Area Manager

The area manager is the person in charge of increase the sales through a good localization strategy of sales area and the development of the team work.

4. IT: Big Data Specialist

In the area of telecommunications the most required is the Video Engineer profile. This new profession comes of the needs of communication that the companies have, increasingly focused on digital world, technology and video.

Area Manager, Big Data Specialist and Video Engineer some of the most requested profiles

As a result of the technology development where we are, became the need to occupy new jobs which were unknown until today. That gives to new professionals the opportunity of getting into the job market. Some of these new profiles are:

– The Copywriter or web writer: finds in the on line environment his work routine, a specialised area that finds in electronic mail a big demand for labour.

– The Compliance officer or Regulatory Compliance Director: arises due to the recent legislative changes and to ensure the transparencies and the accuracy of the law in the business activity.

“You don´t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great”

                                                                                                                     Zig Ziglar

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