Salón MiEmpresa: the biggest networking meeting point for businesses

Salón MiEmpresa: the biggest networking meeting point for businesses

One week ago we had the pleasure of actively taking part in Salon MiEmpresa, a business meeting point that has brought together to its 8th edition more than 15000 visitors. Everyone attending shared an entrepreneurial attitude, the wish to improve their professional skills set  and the willingness to overcome difficulties.

Salón MiEmpresa has brought together everyone sharing an entrepreneurial attitude and the willingness to improve their professional skills set and to overcome difficulties

Juan de Antonio, Co-founder and CEO of Cabify, opened Salon MiEmpresa with the talk “After walking, running comes easy”. During it he shared the key features that have eased Cabify to be in 35 countries and have more than 1000 employees. He also encouraged the entrepreneurs there to bet on their business cold headed, acknowledging that beginnings are always difficult.

Throughout the intense two days of the event, we enjoyed talks by entrepreneurs, well-recognized professionals, managers in big companies and influencers of the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Spain. Among those we want to highlight the talk by Carlos Blanco, business angel, “why entrepreneurs always step on the same obstacles?”. In it he shared the Spanish Entrepreneur X-ray, the most common mistakes they make as well as funding possibilities.

During his talk he highlighted the imperative need to speak different languages in the entrepreneurial environment, as well as the importance of excelling in communication: “it is quite hard to be an entrepreneur if you are not a great communicator”

Additionally we want to mention one the most interesting talks during the event, “10 neuro-communication tools to sell your project”, by Cristina Febrer, journalist and expert on corporate communication. In her talk she emphasized the value of a positive attitude to foster and boost creativity and of a good sense of humor when presenting projects. She defines the language we should use under the Spanish acronym ‘SMART’ for Simple, Adaptable, Attractive, Fast and Able to communicate

Salón MiEmpresa ended up and said goodbye until next edition with the VIII contest Elevator Pitch, in which 10 startups compete to get funding. The winning project was WiTrac, startup specialized in wireless communication and SEO technology, which helps its clients to take fast and optimal decisions for their businesses. The key factor for the jury to choose this project was the fact that its business model is based on IoT (Internet of Things).

Finally, from Lexington we want to appreciate all of you who visit our stand and show interest about the new concept of business centers, the workspaces: flexible and adaptable to each company’s speed.

“Passion is the beginning of success”

Robert Kiyosaki

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